Skunk2 B serie VTEC LMA Lost Motion Fjedre Kit

Skunk2 B serie VTEC LMA Lost Motion Fjedre Kit

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B-series Vtec LMA fjedre sæt - B16a, B18c

Disse fjedre fjerner de gamle LMA, som er en typisk ting som går i stykker på Vtec modellerne. Ved at sætte disse fjedre i, fjerner man muligheden for LMA fejl og tikkende vippetøj





This is not compatible with B-Series NON-VTEC engines. No shims required.

Skunk2 is proud to introduce its Lost Motion Assembly Spring Kits for the Honda B16A/B, B17A, B18C VTEC engines or B Series engines using the VTEC cylinder head.

The Skunk2 Lost Motion Assembly is an advanced spring device that is designed to put pre-load on the center portion of the VTEC rocker when it is in the unlocked position (VTEC is disengaged). Once RPM range that VTEC engages, the Lost Motion Assembly (LMA) will compress just like the valve springs and similarly to valve springs... LMA's will over time loose their ability to function properly, become contaminated, and/ or not be able to accommodate the camshafts lift and will need to be replaced.

Skunk2's Lost Motion Assembly Springs are manufactured exclusively from chrome silicone steel using the latest 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) modeling and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to ensure maximum optimization. The Skunk2 Lost Motion Assembly Kit replaces the factory piston-style LMA design with an improved design commonly found in newer generation Honda engines and incorporate a hardened tip for added durability.

Skunk2 recommends replacing the LMA's when installing aftermarket camshafts as a preventive maintenance measure but requires replacement when installing Skunk2 Pro and Ultra Series camshafts or any camshafts with a lift greater than 12.5mm.

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